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External welding systems

In the process of welding a longitudinal or spiral pipe, external welding systems serve to weld a pipe on the outside in submerged arc welding. This is done, after the pipe has been tack welded in a MAG tack welding machine and welded on the inside in submerged arc welding.

As all other Uhrhan & Schwill welding systems, external welding systems are available in the most diverse designs.

We are guided entirely by your wishes and needs when it comes to the components an external welding system shall be composed of.

Optional components:

  • laser scanner
  • video camera
  • laser pointer
  • grounding brushes
  • Flux supply system
  • turn tables

Our service is not limited to development, assembly and commissioning of the welding system and also includes the supply of appropriate electrode - flux combinations for multiple-arc welding.

Here you find an overview of installed external welding systems.