Pipe manufacturing processes

Uhrhan & Schwill has specialised in two different welding techniques:

  • longitudinal welding
  • spiral pipe welding

Since the foundation of our company, innovation is our first priority. Right from the beginning, we have been developing multiple-arc welding systems that allow you to save valuable production time. Today, our welding systems are equipped with up to five electrodes - which means maximum welding speeds.

Whether you wish to weld a spiral or longitudinal seam - we develop an individual welding system adapted to your needs.

We modernise already existing welding systems or design new welding systems.

Our welding systems are not produced in series. Depending on the manufacturing programme, we adapt the welding systems to the most complex production processes. Thus, you can benefit from minimised production times and highest quality.

While spiral and longitudinal seams are welded with internal an external welding systems in submerged arc welding, tack welds are welded with MAG tack welding machines in metal active gas welding.

Metal active gas welding (MAG welding) is an arc welding technique carried out with active gases, shielding gases, to avoid oxidation of the seam. The welding wire, which is continuously feed through the MAG torch, melts off during welding. Carbon dioxide, argon and oxygen can be used as gases in MAG welding. Gas mixing ratios can be set at a gas mixer.

Submerged arc welding (SAW) is an arc welding technique submerged by flux. In this welding process, a certain number of welding wires, that depends on the welding system design, is melted off.

With the optimal technology, we deliver the basis for your production success!